Our Focus

While our investments are creative, we value tradition, the industry, and the investors who partner with us.

Secure Access to Institutional-Grade Investments

Whether you’re an established investor or new to real estate investing, we help you achieve your goals. At Pax, we prioritize communication to ensure that you feel confident in your investment decision. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Why Industrial Real Estate?

At Pax, we capitalize on emerging markets and apply robust due diligence in selecting investment opportunities. 

Our insights show that the robust demand for e-commerce is poised to position Industrial Real Estate as a leader in stable investments in the U.S. More specifically, due to the growth in e-commerce, additional warehouse space is needed, and research indicates the market acceleration is not slowing down. However, the benefits of industrial real estate don’t stop here. Industrial real estate is also recession resilient, never confined to moratorium legislation, and the properties are on all triple net leases.

You can trust that Pax investors consider the economic value and political and environmental factors influencing alternative asset classes. Our disciplined approach to private equity valuation ensures we make well-informed decisions while satisfying the investment criteria of those who partner with us. 

Strategic Asset Management

Pax Equity focuses on generating attractive yields with optimal risk-adjusted returns and multiples. We combine our strong fundamentals with the efforts of operators who have regional expertise and access to institutional quality opportunities.

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Our Community Impact

We believe in partnering with other firms to make a more significant impact on the communities in which we invest. We value operators not simply because of their real estate expertise but also their desire to positively impact communities.