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Pax Equity is an industrial real estate private equity firm with a focus on investing in logistics assets with risk-adjusted returns. With a robust track record of identifying attractive institutional-grade investments, our portfolio offers corporate guaranteed triple-net leases with outsized returns and consistent income. Increasing growth in e-commerce, third-party logistics companies, and supply-chain distribution networks will drive future demand exponentially for industrial/logistics real-estate throughout the United States. Discover our unique approach in capitalizing this demand imbalance and achieving extraordinary results.

Diversify. Invest. Thrive.

We have a track record of identifying attractive sectors and helping investors take advantage of potential long-term competitive returns within them.

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Who We Are

Institutional Quality

Our expertise in identifying and managing institutional-grade investments has allowed us to create an environment that fosters trust. Pax Equity is committed to excellent customer service well beyond day one of the investment. At Pax, we strive to bring peace to investors. In fact, “Pax” is the Latin word for peace. 

At Pax, our dedication to our vision and expertise ensures we prioritize our client’s needs. Investors can trust us to provide unparalleled access to assets that are traditionally only available to institutions. Our focus is on assets that provide risk-adjusted returns because capital preservation is always at the forefront of our selection process. 

We believe the combination of these factors provides peace of mind and security that all investors will value.

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The Pax Impact

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    Years of Experience

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Why Industrial?

From corporate guarantees on leases to the rise in e-commerce, industrial real estate investments are an attractive choice for many accredited investors. At Pax, we understand the market. We are experts in identifying superior projects to provide every accredited investor the opportunity to add high-performing, industrial real estate assets to their portfolio.

Why Industrial

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